Sunday, May 8, 2016

LOAD516 week 1

Alice Boll from Scrapbook Wonderland has taken over for Lain Ehman and continued LOAD. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I love LOAD and the motivation to scrap everyday only come to me from LOAD. Thank you Alice!

This LOAD's theme is Up close and Personal. Daily prompt will follow this...

Ok, on to Day 1, Sunday May 1st. Prompt is "What is your typical day like?"

I decided to spin it a bit and scrap a typical day in my pooches life.


The close-ups

Day 2 Monday, May 2. Prompt is: "You don’t have to like it but I…"

I went with my oldest daughters boyfriend's love of Converse shoes.



Day 3 Tuesday, May 3. Prompt is: "What makes (or made) you laugh?"

I struggled a bit with this one. There are so many things that make me laugh but I did not have pictures of these things. So I scrolled through my picture folders and came upon this one of my oldest daughter and her homemade face mask ala Pinterest.


 close ups

Day 4 Wednesday, May 4. Prompt is: "So many chores!"

My oldest is a bit stressed most of the time with all the self imposed must dos. 

This Dreamcatcher 2 cutfile from Just Nick looks like a crazy busy pie chart to me. I used Fancy pant Creative Agenda line.

 close ups

Day 5 Thursday, May 5. Prompt is: "What’s your favorite place?"

Well Disney is not my favorite place (I know I know, how could I say that).  But I have yet to scrap anything about our 2003 Disney trip, sooooooo

I created the scribble Mickey head cut file. If you would like to use on your personal pages, I have shared it on Box.

Day 6 Friday, May 6. Prompt is: "How have you challenged yourself?"

My baby is a picky eater but since starting Elementary school she is attempting to be a risk taker thanks to her Kindergarten teacher.


 close ups

Day 7 Saturday, May 7. Prompt is: "What’s your HAIR-style?"

I guess I have unintentionally decided that this LOAD is not going to be all about me. So today is no different, I went with my oldest daughter long hair and how it can be annoying to others.

I used the Simple Stories Life in Color Line for this one.


Thanks for looking.

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