Monday, February 29, 2016

LOAD216 Day 29

Last day of LOAD216. Monday's prompts are color and today is the Germany flag: black red and gold.

I slept for 13 hours, got the girls off the school and then napped for 3 more hours. I then had to haul my stuff down to the scraproom and unpack before I could do my 2  LO today.  I completed these 2 in an hour. Wow, that was the fastest I have scrapped all month. 

For both LO's I used pictures of my son in his college colors of black and gold. Both from the same event, his 1st college meet. 


I skipped the red in the first LO to go with my feelings of seeing him run in his new school colors. 

For LO 2 I added the red in and used a picture from  the meet warm ups. I am always stuck by how he looks straight into my camera at meets. I have a long zoom lens on my DSLR and yet he still find me and gives me his feelings in one look. This was the first time we had laid eyes on him in weeks.


I hope to have a wrap up later today or tomorrow.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

LOAD216 Day 28

Sunday's prompt is food and again I am off prompt. Today I stayed up until 3:30 this morning, slept a few hours and then finished up my second LO. I packed it all up and loaded my car. We took our son back to college. I returned home exhausted and eager to go to bed.  Over all it was a great weekend and I did not get anymore pages done than if I had stayed home but I am so glad I went.

LO 1 is a funny picture of my son. He is such an extrovert and is willing to mock himself. It is a trait of his that will make him a happy man one day.


I used this sketch. I turned the pic B&W so I could pick any color to go with my LO. 

LO 2 was laying on my table when I went to bed at 3:30 am. I had nothing stuck down. I wanted to see if I still liked it when I woke up. I had 2 LO's in mind when I made this page, this one by Lisa Dickinson and this one by Eva Pizarro. They both used snowflakes to make  a tree.


I got a few compliments and questions on my tree while at the crop. I cut 60 snowflakes on my Silhouette on 2 different green papers. 1 was green on both side which gave me 3 different colors of snowflakes. 

Thanks for looking

Saturday, February 27, 2016

LOAD216 Day 27

Saturday's prompt is geography. I was not thinking about the prompt but more focused on having a great time at the crop. I just scrapped what I felt like scrapping.

For LO 1 I scrap-lifted myself and did another triangle tone on tone with a aqua color scheme. I realized that this background will be in the same book as the other LO in white and it is another selfie of my oldest daughter (but I don't care). It felt right and I did get a message to her in the journaling that is different than the other one. I just won't put them next to each other.


My scrapping girlfriend bought a clearance calendar on our morning shopping excursion  and it was full of inspirational quotes. As I was struggling for a title, she read this one off to me and bingo, it was perfect.

For LO 2 I used a picture of Chloe from last year. She had a look about her that said "take it up with my agent" so that is what I titled it. I used a sketch almost to a tee, at this point in LOAD I was starting to lose my mojo. 

I changed the picture to b&w and brought back the color in the glasses and the pink swirls in her jacket.  It was time consuming and perfect for a crop where I was talking more than scrapping.

I can say that I was a bit of an odd one at this crop, I bring a lot of stuff because it how I scrap. I don't plan my pages ahead of time. If I were to plan them out I might as well just put the LO together. I like to have my choices and change them as the LO progresses. I also scrap everyday stuff (not event-based things). I take my sewing machine, type writer, computer and photo printer. Much of my paper and alphas go with me.  

Every crop we go to I get ladies stopping by my table asking about the amount of stuff I bring, kindly teasing me about it, some have never seen anyone sew on a LO or understand why I would scrap a LO like the one above. They can't understand why I will not be scrapping last Christmas but scrap a picture just because I like it. 

They love my LOs but think I am a bit of unicorn.  Some thank me for opening their eyes to new things and some are just glad they don't have to load my car at the end. I am sure that they will go home and tell their spouses about the crazy lady that brought everything she owned to the crop and scrapped with 1 picture on each page. She must have too much time on her hands.

I can say I don't feel like a unicorn and I am in with a large group online that scraps just like me. I enjoy what I do and the way I do it, so go ahead and watch me like a zoo animal. I am secure in my scrapping and will offer to share anything I bring, if you should need a sparkly blue thicker.... I got that. I don't mind loading and unloading my car and the amount of stuff I bring just helps me let out my creativity. 

Thanks for listening to me on my soap box. I can blame my lack of sleep and way too much sugar and caffeine.

Friday, February 26, 2016

LOAD216 day 26

Friday's prompts are landmark. I went with 2 landmark-ish decisions.

For LO 1 I scrapped Chloe's purchase today. She has wanted this Betsey Johnson necklace for months. It was $55.00 and I told her that she would have to save her money and buy it herself. I figured that would deter this idea but Chloe had other ideas.

She asked me to create a chore chart for her and Syd. Each job would be worth a few cents and they could choose to do it or not. We favor the kids to use their brains over their brawn and offered more money for doing some extra math pages (which was a struggle under normal situations with Chloe) or finishing a book (Syd's struggle).

They both took to this system very well and was able to earn between $3.50 - 5.50 every week. I got help with the laundry, dishes and stopped reminding them to get their clothes out every night. A win for all of us.


When she had finally saved almost $60 and after many waffling moments of "do I really want to spend my money?" and me crossing my fingers in hopes that she would choose to save her money, she made the decision to buy it.  Lucky for her it was on sale for 25% off and I had a coupon for 30% off that Yonkers let us combine and she only paid $30.60. Talk about a happy little lady, she was beaming.

I included the receipt in the pull out at the top along with a up close picture of the necklace. I still think she should not have bought it but she is in love with it.

For LO 2 I took a picture of Darby at 2 months old.


I made a heart with washi tape and stitch in gold over it.

I am at a 3 day crop with a friend for the weekend and I probably won't get a ton of pages done but will get a lot of visiting in and have a lot of fun.

Thank you for looking.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

LOAD216 Day 25

Thursday's prompts are language. I went with body language for my 2 LOs today.

For LO 1 I used more the Crate Paper Hello Love collection. I had this picture of 2 of my daughters that don't always get along holding hands and walking in the mall.  Ahh, that warms a mother's heart, right.


I made the cut file  of  the pink scribble in Silhouette Design Studio. I stitched with gold thread. 

For LO 2 I used a screen cap of a Facetime call of our girl's typical goodbye signal to dad. They call it girl power heart.


The bursting heart is a cut file from The Cut Shoppe. I was getting low on gold thread so I drew gold lines on the rays.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LOAD216 Day 24

Every Wednesday the theme of the prompt is culture; Today's prompt was sports.

For LO 1 I went with the sport of selfies, yes it is a sport to my oldest daughter! I scrap-lifted this pin I loved the texture the white on white provided. I will be doing this again very soon.


I cut the #Selfie on my Cameo 15x and glued them together to make them thick like chipboard. I painted glue on 1/2 the word and dipped it in gold glitter. The journaling is tucked  behind the photo cluster, this might be my thing....

 Look at that texture, oh be still my heart.

For LO 2 I talk about running a bit though it is technically not about about a sport.....


 I started with layering the papers behind the pictures and then floated that cluster around the page, not feeling it.  I knew what I wanted for a title and was thinking about the journaling voice when it came to me.....thought bubbles in Darby's voice. I put the picture facing out, she was staring at the door, laser focused and I wanted that to come across in the LO.

In the journaling a black dog is mentioned so I thought the black paper clip dog was a good fit.  I varied the height of the thought bubbles to give them depth.

Thanks for taking a look.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LOAD216 Day 23

Tuesday's prompts are Transportation and today it is boats. We are not boat people nor much of water people.

For LO 1 I used a sketch 472 from Scrapbook Challenges. I had pictures from the girl's begin to swim class last March.

 They were so scared of the last date and the "test" they had to perform. But they stuck together and helped keep each other calm. Proud Momma moment for sure.

For LO 2 I went off prompt and used a picture my oldest daughter took of me while I was submitting my application for a sketch DT. Boy, was I a nervous wreck. 


I used a paper that was full of quotes and cut them in strips and stacked them up the side, mixing in washi tape for color.  I wanted the title  to fade into the background so I used a Thicker in a similar color to the background paper. The journaling is tucked behind the photo cluster.

I needed the pep talk;)

Thanks for taking a look.

Monday, February 22, 2016

LOAD216 Day 22

The prompts for Mondays are color. and it is a flag from the featured scrappers country. Today is Luxembourg. It is another red white and blue flag so we are skipping that.

LO 1 is a 20 on the 20th thing but I messed up and did not take 20 pics on the 20th. I combined the 20th and 21st and am just calling it "20 things today."


Due to the sheer number of pics I have on this page (20 at 2" x 2") there was not room for the list journaling so I took pics 3, 4, 8, 9 and cut the background paper on 3 side of them. Creating a flip up.

I allowed myself carte blanche as far as colors go. With so many pictures to deal with not much paper is going to show and it would be hard to have it coordinate with 20 color pictures taken all over the place and at all times of the day.

I decided to start with Thickers. My thoughts were: What color do I use least and in that color family which package have I not used at all. I went with Eclaire in cucumber. Then I went to paper pads that I rarely use, Studio Calico Lemon Lush. (I have 2, thanks to Tuesday Morning and their steep discounted paper pads. I went a bit mad and bought 1 of every style they had. I found after I was home that one of  the Lemon lush pads had a different cover taped on it so I got 2 of the same. 
Surprising the paper looks to be made to go with the Cucumber Thickers. I did mat it on white card stock so I could easily add the journaling. 

I did pop up one picture on every row with 3M foam tape but it really could have been a double layer  of foam to make the impact I was looking for.

I was on a roll and LO 2 was pretty quick. The hardest part was deciding what color to go with gold and black. Black & white picture are great at clearing the way to go wild with the color choices.


I had these picture on my desk since the LOAD day 9. I printed extra and multiple sizes.

Thanks for looking.

PL week 6 & 7

Project Life is hard to keep up with during load. I got behind a bit but it was not that bad to catch up.

 wk 06

 For week 7 I had to alter my over all LO a bit. I had too many "stories" and the 4x6 pocket needed to be used as 4x3. I just glued 3x4 cards to the back of the 4x6 from week 6.

 wk 07

Sunday, February 21, 2016

LOAD216 (later in the) Day 21

I was thinking today I would only do 1 LO, my son is home for winter break and family time is important to me but he had plans that took him far and wide.  I had the time. I took this sketch as my inspiration. 


I had this picture of myself at 3 listening to my uncle's music and a very much alike one of Syd. I was not meaning it to look so soft but pink and grey really made it soft looking. I struggled with thicker choices, Cream was too pale, black was to bold, I did not have a pink the worked and my greys are limited. I used a charcoal grey with sparkle. The ampersand is a chipboard piece is from Maggie Holms Open Book.

Thanks for looking.

LOAD216 Day 21

Sunday the prompts are Food. I have decided today to skip this prompt and go another way.

I was looking through Pinterest for a sketch to use. I came across this one from Laura Whitaker from the October sketch challenge on the Stuck?! blog

I had the perfect background in mind. Remember the string heart Lo  I made in the 1st part of February. I had said that I wanted to try other shapes and a bit different way of doing it. This is the back ground that came out of that.


First though I want to note that I am at the 1/2 way point of my goal to make 100 LO this year! It is only February!! The most I have gotten to in years past is 78.

Here is the detail shots. I did not have the letters in the sparkly font to spell "Star" so I used a star shape. Hubby did not read it as Rockstar reader" so maybe I failed there.

The back of the dictionary paper was a bright yellow so I folded it back and stitched it down.

I thought I would detail a bit more of  how I did the string star.

I sat in front of the TV and watch the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy and cut 1/8" strips of yellow paper. It took 40 minutes and I cut way more than I needed too.  

I cut the star on the Silhouette from the Simple Stories black dictionary print. I switched to the current episode of the X Files and started laying them out. I glued the cut star to another sheet of black paper. I wanted the typed print to peek through the layer of  yellow paper.

I applied tape runner about 1/4" away from the finished star shape. I knew that I wanted to sew the top layer over the strips and wanted to save my sewing machine from a gluey needle mess. I laid them randomly this way and that.

At this point I was thinking it looked like a hot mess and maybe this was not going to work. X-files finished up just as I was thinking this. It took roughly  40 distracted minutes  to get to this point.

But I put the top layer over it and ahhh, that looks better. Notice all the strips left over. Yeah, I cut way too many. I can weave a small paper blanket with the left overs.

Here it is with the photo placed At this point I went to bed. was thinking this LO would be LOAD day 21 anyway. 

I sewed the top layer top the base, with white thread, catching all the strips of paper and firmly securing them down.  I used binder clips to hold the layers together while sewing.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

LOAD216 Day 20

Saturday's prompts are Geography.  I think "place" when searching for pictures to go with this prompt and came up with Hubby and Darby in their favorite weekend spot--Napping on the couch.

I used a sketch from Scrap Much blog Sketch-y Friday challenge. The sketch has the big ampersand and it worked perfect for this LO. 

I had just got my Scraptastic sale box in the mail with the December kit.  This paper from Kaitlin Sheaffer seemed to give this design the perfect spot to place the main items on. 


I went through my entire font library on the Silhouette to find the "right" ampersand. I cut it in vellum twice and layered them together. I then sewed them together so give it a bit my visual weight. I used washi tape on the line of the paper to give it more of a base.

 LO 2 is a sketch from Paper Issues February sketch challenge.  

My poor Darby has been feeling so neglected this month because I have been spend so much time in my scraproom. She can't be in my scraproom as she is only 7 months old and likes to eat paper and chew on things still. In the evening she cuddles with me on the couch and has to be touching me, even is is just a paw. Last night it felt like she was holding me there . Poor thing.

The string heart is from Michael's, I only have 1 left in red, I really wish I had bought more than one package now.

Thanks for looking.