Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LOAD216 Day 23

Tuesday's prompts are Transportation and today it is boats. We are not boat people nor much of water people.

For LO 1 I used a sketch 472 from Scrapbook Challenges. I had pictures from the girl's begin to swim class last March.

 They were so scared of the last date and the "test" they had to perform. But they stuck together and helped keep each other calm. Proud Momma moment for sure.

For LO 2 I went off prompt and used a picture my oldest daughter took of me while I was submitting my application for a sketch DT. Boy, was I a nervous wreck. 


I used a paper that was full of quotes and cut them in strips and stacked them up the side, mixing in washi tape for color.  I wanted the title  to fade into the background so I used a Thicker in a similar color to the background paper. The journaling is tucked behind the photo cluster.

I needed the pep talk;)

Thanks for taking a look.

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