Thursday, February 11, 2016

LOAD216 Day 11

Thursday's prompts are language. 

For LO 1 I went with the unspoken language of body language. I wanted a dark base to contrast with the picture, my oldest daughter is very fair skinned and she used a filter on this picture before she forwarded it to me and she looked very pale to me. 


The white stitched circle was the next thing I knew I wanted. The rest was just winging it. I had a few scraps laying around and they were almost the perfect size so I used them.  I really had no other journaling to share on this LO, the title say everything I wanted to say.

LO 2 today was the on the language that my dog uses with her stares. It was just a fun way to convey what she does to us everyday if she thinks we are ignoring her.


I don't think I love this one but a LO done is done and I don't throw them out or redo them. I might stick it in the back of the album though. I do like parts of it too so over all I am happy with it.

Thank you for looking.

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