Saturday, February 27, 2016

LOAD216 Day 27

Saturday's prompt is geography. I was not thinking about the prompt but more focused on having a great time at the crop. I just scrapped what I felt like scrapping.

For LO 1 I scrap-lifted myself and did another triangle tone on tone with a aqua color scheme. I realized that this background will be in the same book as the other LO in white and it is another selfie of my oldest daughter (but I don't care). It felt right and I did get a message to her in the journaling that is different than the other one. I just won't put them next to each other.


My scrapping girlfriend bought a clearance calendar on our morning shopping excursion  and it was full of inspirational quotes. As I was struggling for a title, she read this one off to me and bingo, it was perfect.

For LO 2 I used a picture of Chloe from last year. She had a look about her that said "take it up with my agent" so that is what I titled it. I used a sketch almost to a tee, at this point in LOAD I was starting to lose my mojo. 

I changed the picture to b&w and brought back the color in the glasses and the pink swirls in her jacket.  It was time consuming and perfect for a crop where I was talking more than scrapping.

I can say that I was a bit of an odd one at this crop, I bring a lot of stuff because it how I scrap. I don't plan my pages ahead of time. If I were to plan them out I might as well just put the LO together. I like to have my choices and change them as the LO progresses. I also scrap everyday stuff (not event-based things). I take my sewing machine, type writer, computer and photo printer. Much of my paper and alphas go with me.  

Every crop we go to I get ladies stopping by my table asking about the amount of stuff I bring, kindly teasing me about it, some have never seen anyone sew on a LO or understand why I would scrap a LO like the one above. They can't understand why I will not be scrapping last Christmas but scrap a picture just because I like it. 

They love my LOs but think I am a bit of unicorn.  Some thank me for opening their eyes to new things and some are just glad they don't have to load my car at the end. I am sure that they will go home and tell their spouses about the crazy lady that brought everything she owned to the crop and scrapped with 1 picture on each page. She must have too much time on her hands.

I can say I don't feel like a unicorn and I am in with a large group online that scraps just like me. I enjoy what I do and the way I do it, so go ahead and watch me like a zoo animal. I am secure in my scrapping and will offer to share anything I bring, if you should need a sparkly blue thicker.... I got that. I don't mind loading and unloading my car and the amount of stuff I bring just helps me let out my creativity. 

Thanks for listening to me on my soap box. I can blame my lack of sleep and way too much sugar and caffeine.

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