Monday, February 29, 2016

LOAD216 Day 29

Last day of LOAD216. Monday's prompts are color and today is the Germany flag: black red and gold.

I slept for 13 hours, got the girls off the school and then napped for 3 more hours. I then had to haul my stuff down to the scraproom and unpack before I could do my 2  LO today.  I completed these 2 in an hour. Wow, that was the fastest I have scrapped all month. 

For both LO's I used pictures of my son in his college colors of black and gold. Both from the same event, his 1st college meet. 


I skipped the red in the first LO to go with my feelings of seeing him run in his new school colors. 

For LO 2 I added the red in and used a picture from  the meet warm ups. I am always stuck by how he looks straight into my camera at meets. I have a long zoom lens on my DSLR and yet he still find me and gives me his feelings in one look. This was the first time we had laid eyes on him in weeks.


I hope to have a wrap up later today or tomorrow.

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