Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LOAD216 Day 24

Every Wednesday the theme of the prompt is culture; Today's prompt was sports.

For LO 1 I went with the sport of selfies, yes it is a sport to my oldest daughter! I scrap-lifted this pin I loved the texture the white on white provided. I will be doing this again very soon.


I cut the #Selfie on my Cameo 15x and glued them together to make them thick like chipboard. I painted glue on 1/2 the word and dipped it in gold glitter. The journaling is tucked  behind the photo cluster, this might be my thing....

 Look at that texture, oh be still my heart.

For LO 2 I talk about running a bit though it is technically not about about a sport.....


 I started with layering the papers behind the pictures and then floated that cluster around the page, not feeling it.  I knew what I wanted for a title and was thinking about the journaling voice when it came to me.....thought bubbles in Darby's voice. I put the picture facing out, she was staring at the door, laser focused and I wanted that to come across in the LO.

In the journaling a black dog is mentioned so I thought the black paper clip dog was a good fit.  I varied the height of the thought bubbles to give them depth.

Thanks for taking a look.

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