Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LOAD216 Day 9

Prompt for Tuesday's is transportation and today it is train.

I have only been on a train once and have only 1 pic of that occasion so that is LO 2 today. So for LO 1 I went off prompt....


I was toying with sting art last night and was not getting it to look right so I went to bed trying to think of a different way to get the look of string art without string. My youngest daughter suggested rubber bands, not a bad idea but that would not translate well to scrapbooking. By morning I had this idea of thin strips of paper laid across the heart to look like the string.

I grabbed a hand full of scraps and my trimmer and started cutting 1/8" strips. When I had a pile I started laying and gluing. I sat in front of the TV and watch HGTV for a couple hours.

I had a second picture to go with my story so I added a flap with journaling and a gold heart doily.

I have thoughts of other shapes I could faux string art. Star, circles large words and on and on. I think that it might be faster to cut the shape on the silhouette and back it with the strips. Might be less tedious.

LO 2 was on prompt, my one and only train picture. I added a Monopoly card, Reading Railroad was meaningful as the Milk and Honey line was once owned by the Reading Rail company.

I fellow Loadster had an awesome take on this prompt, the word train other meanings. Example- You can train a dog. So that would have kept me on prompt for 2 LO had I thought of it....

Thanks for taking a look.

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