Friday, February 26, 2016

LOAD216 day 26

Friday's prompts are landmark. I went with 2 landmark-ish decisions.

For LO 1 I scrapped Chloe's purchase today. She has wanted this Betsey Johnson necklace for months. It was $55.00 and I told her that she would have to save her money and buy it herself. I figured that would deter this idea but Chloe had other ideas.

She asked me to create a chore chart for her and Syd. Each job would be worth a few cents and they could choose to do it or not. We favor the kids to use their brains over their brawn and offered more money for doing some extra math pages (which was a struggle under normal situations with Chloe) or finishing a book (Syd's struggle).

They both took to this system very well and was able to earn between $3.50 - 5.50 every week. I got help with the laundry, dishes and stopped reminding them to get their clothes out every night. A win for all of us.


When she had finally saved almost $60 and after many waffling moments of "do I really want to spend my money?" and me crossing my fingers in hopes that she would choose to save her money, she made the decision to buy it.  Lucky for her it was on sale for 25% off and I had a coupon for 30% off that Yonkers let us combine and she only paid $30.60. Talk about a happy little lady, she was beaming.

I included the receipt in the pull out at the top along with a up close picture of the necklace. I still think she should not have bought it but she is in love with it.

For LO 2 I took a picture of Darby at 2 months old.


I made a heart with washi tape and stitch in gold over it.

I am at a 3 day crop with a friend for the weekend and I probably won't get a ton of pages done but will get a lot of visiting in and have a lot of fun.

Thank you for looking.

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