Sunday, February 21, 2016

LOAD216 Day 21

Sunday the prompts are Food. I have decided today to skip this prompt and go another way.

I was looking through Pinterest for a sketch to use. I came across this one from Laura Whitaker from the October sketch challenge on the Stuck?! blog

I had the perfect background in mind. Remember the string heart Lo  I made in the 1st part of February. I had said that I wanted to try other shapes and a bit different way of doing it. This is the back ground that came out of that.


First though I want to note that I am at the 1/2 way point of my goal to make 100 LO this year! It is only February!! The most I have gotten to in years past is 78.

Here is the detail shots. I did not have the letters in the sparkly font to spell "Star" so I used a star shape. Hubby did not read it as Rockstar reader" so maybe I failed there.

The back of the dictionary paper was a bright yellow so I folded it back and stitched it down.

I thought I would detail a bit more of  how I did the string star.

I sat in front of the TV and watch the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy and cut 1/8" strips of yellow paper. It took 40 minutes and I cut way more than I needed too.  

I cut the star on the Silhouette from the Simple Stories black dictionary print. I switched to the current episode of the X Files and started laying them out. I glued the cut star to another sheet of black paper. I wanted the typed print to peek through the layer of  yellow paper.

I applied tape runner about 1/4" away from the finished star shape. I knew that I wanted to sew the top layer over the strips and wanted to save my sewing machine from a gluey needle mess. I laid them randomly this way and that.

At this point I was thinking it looked like a hot mess and maybe this was not going to work. X-files finished up just as I was thinking this. It took roughly  40 distracted minutes  to get to this point.

But I put the top layer over it and ahhh, that looks better. Notice all the strips left over. Yeah, I cut way too many. I can weave a small paper blanket with the left overs.

Here it is with the photo placed At this point I went to bed. was thinking this LO would be LOAD day 21 anyway. 

I sewed the top layer top the base, with white thread, catching all the strips of paper and firmly securing them down.  I used binder clips to hold the layers together while sewing.

Thanks for looking.

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