Monday, January 11, 2016

PL Wk 1 2016

Week 1-  I submitted this week PL to Paper Issues Fans and Friends FB page For the pocket page challenge.

I have 4 templates I made in  PSE12 to use for printing my PL pictures : 4x6 with the date, 2 2x3, 2 2x2, 2 3x3, and 1 4x4. All the pictures I use will be be one of those sizes expect for every once and a while I use a long narrow picture from a Iphone screen cap like this week in the top left pocket.

I am using a combo of the many PL core kits I have hoarded over the years. I am not sure why I have saved the boxes but I have and they are stored in my Kallax shelves in my scraproom in the basement.

 I do my PL life scraping in my dining room, near my PC and picture printer. I have set up a fold-able table from Walmart parallel to my dining table. I keep all cards in my Raskog cart stored in corner of my dining room. 

 My cards are sorted two ways, by color and also by kit. I have split part of the kits up for the color storage and kept a card or two of each in the kit in case I decide to use a certain kit.

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