Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cut Mania Cut Files & Paper Issue's (P)inspire Me Challenge

I stumbled upon Heather's blog because of a LO she posted at the Stuck?! sketch challenge. I was very excited when I realized she had an Etsy store and was selling her cut files!! I bought 5 I think, and could not wait to play with them. 

I used 2 on the 2 LOs I made today and I don't think I did them justice. I struggled with my dull blade and unsticky mat for way to long. I order a new blade and mat so I will play with them again when they arrive.

I did both LO with the Paper Issue Mood board in mind.

I love things in rainbow order, so how could I not be inspired by this mood board.

I used Cut Mania's Heartbeat cut file on LO 1. I backed it with washi tape in a rainbow order. I skipped embellishments and let the heartbeats shine. 


I made the mistake of putting ATG adhesive on the whole back, thinking I could readjust as needed but I think I used to much and the sections stuck very quickly and were not easy to move without damaging the thin backing paper. So it has a few wrinkles but over all this is a favorite of mine.

I journaled above a few of the heartbeats. I tried to match the colors of Thickers and letter stickers to the heartbeats to further the rainbow effect.

For LO 2 I used Heart Rainbow cut file. I love to use cut files, they can be alter slightly to better meet your needs pretty easily. I wanted the rainbow to be more like a target shape so I cut 2, one flipped. With all the issues I had with my blade and mat, I cut this one 3 times. The last time I took 2 of the rings out, it helped my dull blade to limp through and not rip the smaller spaces. 


Again I used little embellishments, I wanted the contrast from the colors to pop. The original paper I cut was black with white text. I sadly only had 1 of those sheets of paper and it did not cut all the way through. I luckily had 2 of the the white with black text sheets. I think the cut outs will be great to use on another LO. Text printed hearts... swoon! 

I look forward to new upcoming releases from Cut Mania.

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  1. I LOVE these Melinda - you really used these cut files perfectly and made them your own - (cut mania)