Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LOAD216 The wrap up

58 LOs in 29 days!! I filled 2 temporary albums.

Here are the LO in numbers:
4 about Jake
4 about Meg
7 about Chloe
5 about Syd
9 about siblings
7 about Darby (our dog)
1 about Hubby
5 about me
3 about our love story
3 about people we love (non immediate family)
5 about places we go local and far
4 about holidays
1 about things we do

I loosely use Stacy Julian's Library of Memories method of scrapbook albums 

Please ignore the pile under the shelf, this angle is not one I see everyday. 

From Left to right:

Aqua Project life albums from Jan-Oct 2015 the current PL album sits on my table as I fill it each week.

Brown My latest LO album - it is currently empty as I put away all the LO from 2016 into their albums.

Gold striped album is for Our Fur Babies-  was just created today as too many were in the people we love album

1st red is all about me- It needs to be 2 albums and will soon be.

2nd red is all about Hubby- It needs to be 2 albums and will soon be.

3rd red is Our Love Story- Just created today as it was love and parent/child relationships, the parent/child relationship got moved into mine and Hubby's albums 

Brown album is Holidays & Everyday family life - not many are everyday life as PL takes care of those stories.

Light blue is Place & People we love - It will soon need to be separated and it is full.

Aqua album is the new Siblings album (all about the kids relationship with each other.)

1st green  the younger girl's relationship with each other. 

The next 8 are  2 albums for each child they need to be organized a bit but are working.

As you can see I have filled the lowest shelf to capacity with these albums. The self above is only slightly shorter in depth and the albums would hang off about a 1/2 inch. That would not bother me but the printers would also have to be shifted up which might be more problematic. 

I have briefly considered going to 8.5x11 for the smaller album sizes, it is not what I want to do but I will revisit that again. It would create much more scraps and I would have to be careful of the real estate on each page I would lose.

I could store some of them in the basement scraproom, I have the shelf space there but this would take them out of sight out of mind. The kids love to go through them often. 

So there it is as I scrapbook more I run into a space problem that many face. One day I will hand these over to my kids to deal with but until then I will need to find a solution. When I do I will share but for now I am taking it LO by LO.

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