Sunday, March 13, 2016

Paige Evan's scraplift

I cannot locate the original link to Paige Evan's page as it was on Two Peas. But I will link to her blog for inspiration
Here is the her LO. I watch Tina Gale's scraplift of this page on You tube and just had to do one too.

I used a different quote, much longer,  my ruffles are all white and vellum instead of colored. I also go a but heavy handed on the splatter.


 I used washi to back my letters and surprisingly I had spray mist in all the colors to splatter about.  I added vellum over the picture as I  wanted the picture to not be as crispy and clear. I made the picture a flap and added my journaling there.

The journaling is a bit hard to read from the blog picture.

"No this does not mean that I want to live with this out of shape body either. I am 43 and realize that it took 6 pregnancies, a handful of stressful situations, a roller coaster of emotions and quite a few bad decisions to get here. It will take many things to change it, some I am not willing to do right now. I know that sounds ridiculous. If I don’t love my body why would I not do what it takes to make it the way I want it. Well, as I said, I am 43 and I know me. I hate counting calories, I feel like I am depriving myself of foods and that is all I can think about. Then I start cheating and then I feel bad, it is a vicious cycle that repeats over and over until I give up, (done this way to many times.) Everything in moderation seems to be what keeps my emotions on an even keel. When my emotions are on an even keel I make better choices….
I have decided that instead squeezing into the slightly wrong size clothing because that is the size I used to be/want to be is not good for my mental wellbeing. So I buy the right size clothing despite the size number and they are comfortable and I smile more. Amazing right? Smiling more is the goal.  I don’t care what the scale says anymore. I stopped letting that number decide whether I feel pretty today. When I feel pretty I make better choices and making better choices it the goal every day.
I have a very loving husband and 4 beautiful children that love me. I will never look like a Victoria’s Secret model but then, they don’t really look like that either… I will never be a size 6 and may never have an awesome toned bum. But I can be happy in my own skin and that is the best thing possible."

Thanks got looking

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